Friday, 31 May 2013

Nuneaton Councillors Challenge

With 9 days until carnival day, we have had a great response for the councillors challenge. Currently 6 will be walking the route and a further 2 helping out on the count.

What it involves
On Sunday 9th June the councillors will pick up an infamous orange bucket, before joining the procession at 1pm. They will have to walk along the 3 mile route through Nuneaton town centre, collecting change from the crowds. The person who collects the most on the day will have their name promoted and have bragging rights over all overs.

The councillors challenge has been happening for many years, giving the community of Nuneaton the chance to see the names and faces behind local elections. It shows how they want to be involved in local activities, actively making a difference.

The 6 confirmed walkers are Bob Copland (The Mayor), Denis Harvey, June Tandy, Christopher Watkins, David Carr and Kristopher Wilson.

The 2 assisting on the count in the evening are Jill Sheppard and John Haynes who is hoping to bring along his wife. If you would like to join in and give a few hours of your time please get in touch.

UPDATE 4th June 2013: Now had confirmation from Victoria Flower, Neil Phillips,Caroline Phillips and Corinne Davies that will be walking the route. This year will certainly be a challenge, please check here a few days after the carnival day to find out the full results.

Now with a total of 10 walking along the route it is showing that the councillors are rallying each other, must be the mention that the sun is set to shine.