Thursday, 13 June 2013

2013 Count and Councillor Challenge results

Nuneaton Carnival 2013 managed to collect a total of £4241.52, thank you to all involved!
Now only a wait of 360 days until next year.

The total collection consisted of 210517 coins in total, with 194582 of them copper.
Laid end to end would be 4655m long and in total they weighed 9.3kg over 1 tonne.

This includes the councillors challenge:Chris Watkins of Kingswood.

Chris Watkins - £111.02
David Carr - £86.52
Marcus Jones - £67.92
Kristofer Wilson - £55.92
June Tandy - £34.43
Victoria (Vicky) Fowler - £32.58
Neil Phillips - £ 23.77
Bob Copland - £23.60
Dennis Harvey - £20
Corrine Davies - £7.47
Caroline Phillips - £5.37

Chris Watkins of Kingswood managed to collect the most with only £24.50 above the next contender. It was noted he chose to get family involved. As Carnival is all about family we allowed this to go ahead.

On the day our own King of Mirth managed to raise £241.08, doubling what the councillors managed to collect, not including the pub visits the week before collecting over £121 with help from two of the committee members.

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Thank you to Attleborough Liberal club for providing one counting machine and the people who assisted in counting the change on the night. That includes councillors John Haynes and June Tandy who have helped over the years in this mammoth task.

A key person to the carnival this year has been Laura Rowe, able to organise an amazingly successful Gala field and contributed a lot of time in counting the coins.

Procession photos

Gala Photos

The Big Comfy Bookshop has written a quick review of his day.

If you would like to be involved in Nuneaton Carnival please contact we are currently looking for enthusiastic people to assist in what ever way they can.