Saturday, 30 November 2013

Nuneaton Light Switch on

Nuneaton Carnival joined in with other local charities and not-for-profit organisations in having a stall for the Victorian night, Nuneaton Christmas light switch on.

Several committee members manned the stall selling mince pies and mulled wine at great value. Only £1 for both. This gave the people of Nuneaton a chance to have a quick chat and enjoy a warming sensation. Two boards photo boards were presented allowing people to see the queen and maids from the last 19 years. The current court are the last to be named maids, as they gratefully take on the new title of princesses. The decision to change the maids' title was made to fall in line with other carnival courts. Another photo board showed the committee members and available positions on the committee.

The afternoon event was a success bringing the carnival into the minds of Nuneaton residents, we attracted people to talk about the carnival, spotting previous winners from the photos on the board, talking how they might be able to get involved and promoting the carnival in general. We have taken details for the potential 2014/15 carnival queen, people interested in designing and making carnival floats as well as additional committee members. We are always looking to expand the committee and if you feel you can help in ANY way then please get in touch.

The lights in Nuneaton where more impressive than I remember and the fireworks made the night. They went shooting off the Abbygate roof, with bight colours filling the sky. Soon followed by streets filling with a mist as the remnants of the smoke made from the impressive fireworks.