Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Live lion to lead Nuneaton Carnival

Nuneaton Carnival committee have managed to make an arrangement to loan a lion to walk the route on Sunday 8th June 2014.

Extra security has been brought in over the lion being along the 2.75 mile route. The bands have been moved to the second half of the procession and the carnival queen float brought forward. The trained Gurkhas will protect the Queen and princesses from the crowds being prepared for any lion mishaps.

The roaring start to the carnival is set to bring in crowds from all over the town. This will be the first attempted walk of a lion through Nuneaton town centre. The lion is set to be guided by only a wooden stick and the pack relationship. We do ask as usual that no coins are thrown as not only will this cause injury to contestants in the procession. It could also mean you may end up being a bit closer to the teeth of the animal that you might like.

The lion will be escorted by its trainer along the route, even allowing to be petted at the two stops. This will be at St Nicholas church and the Ropewalk car park entrance. Very limited spaces for a few select members of the community to be able to stroke the lion.

We do hope you are very excited about this first for Nuneaton Carnival.